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LVA 11 March 2014 – Museum for Applied Arts (MAK)

The 2013 award was won by Vincent Bauer, who presented a sensitive concept: “I did not want to focus on the problem sources and those responsible for dealing with them, but on the children themselves, on their potential as a driving force towards the solution.” Rector Dr. Gerald Bast and Judith Eisler, Head of the Master Class for Fine Arts and Animated Film, praised this approach and stressed the importance of the WIENER LERNTAFEL. Bast: “Politicians tell us constantly how important education is. But when it comes to ‘getting things done’, those who deliver solutions are dedicated teachers and institutions like the WIENER LERNTAFEL. That is why we were delighted to be able to participate in this project.”




LVA -28 May 2015 – Kunsthalle Wien

With Sarah Sternat the Lerntafel Visual Award 2014 had a worthy winner. Her prize winning poster, presented this time in the Kunsthalle Wien, focussed on the aims of the WIENER LERNTAFEL – for children from socially disadvantaged families the interaction with other youngsters makes learning interesting: it makes sense and it is good fun




LVA -11 May 2016 – Kunsthalle Wien

Best Poster Design winner – Anna Nagy with her interpretation of ‘together is better’
Best Product Design winner – Charlotte Klobassa with a notepad that reminds us of the difficulties we shall encounter on our way to success






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