Information for parents

Children think ahead-
if you let them

More information

Please ring one of the following numbers to ensure an efficient, informative discussion.



Please bring your child, together with the following documents, to the meeting:

  • evidence of income (pay check, AMS-confirmation, proof of minimum insurance, proof of child allowance etc.)
  • Certificate of family allowance from the Austrian Finance Authority (Finanzamt)
  • latest school report of your child
  • identification documents of the accompanying parent(s)
  • Local registration confirmation of both parents and child(ren)


“We are looking forward to meet you!”


Get involved

Do you have any questions or want to know more about the WIENER LERNTAFEL?
Please get in touch by email: simmering@lerntafel.org or call us at +43 (01) 945 0005
kagran@lerntafel.org or call us at +43 (01) 967 7147
For questions on sponsoring and partnerships reach out to DDr Stefan Unterberger or Gheri Sackler